Everyday media and people tell us what we can do to live a healthy life. Eat clean train dirty ..etc.

In my opinion a topic which is left out most of the time is sleep and relaxation! What we certainly do have instead is stress!

Relaxation and exercise are necessary components to reduce stress hormones in our body.

The consequences of stress are numerous. They reach from bad muscle tension, backpain to high blood pressure and many more. Our heart is quasi in our mouth and at the end we get depressed or worse. Probably we don’t take the time to take care about our nutrition so that we get digestion problems and ¬†sitting in front of our computers the whole day staring on our monitor with time pressure to finish our work gives us a headache.

Know what i am talking about?

We suffer not just physically but also mentally. As a consequence we get sick, often chronically!

Relaxation techniques like Autogeneous Training and Progressive Muscle Relaxation can help to loosen tensions and help to deliberately learn to better process stress. Body and soul get back into balance.

You can decide which kind of life you want to live!

Entspannungstechniken wie Autogenes Training, Progressive Muskelrelaxation können Verspannungen lösen und auch der Umgang mit Stress kann bewusst gelernt werden! Körper und Seele können wieder ins Gleichgewicht gebracht werden.


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