Do you know what to do when it comes to diets?

Low Carb, Low Fat, Vegan, Paleo, Zone, Klicks diet ….i am continously witnessing how people fritter from one diet into another without reaching their goals. Don’t forget diet is NOT a certain period of time where you change your habits and then fall back.

Diet is a ongoing LIFESTYLE.  

I get it, one expert suggests three meals a day, another says four ,or three weeks of therapeutic fasting is the key. On the one hand we hear breakfast is the most importat meal of the day, another idiot tells us it is lunch is essentiell. If you have breakfast have granola, no fruit no cheese… high fat low carb is good, no low fat high carb is better. Are you vegan or what can you justify in times of industrial livestock farming. It gives me a headache writing all that down and i know nutrition from inside out.

How many diets have you tried yet! have you been successful with those?!

Do you feel like a hopeless case and have doubts which diet is for you?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you want to lose or gain weight, together we will figure out a bio-positive way for you to reach your goals. Diet is as individual as personality, we will find a way to make a lifestyle out of your diet. 

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