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Bio-Positive Personal Training Düsseldorf – Be your best body

Howdy, you did the first step already. You want a change and you risk to achieve it with sports. Congratulation! Well done!

Now what we have to do is to put your resolution into action.
In principal that is quite easy .
Please fill out the contact form or write me an email an we arrange for a free training and chat about your possibilities.

Training can take place at your office, your gym, my gym, your home or outside.

Together we will work out the most effective method to transform your body into what you want it to be -healthy, strong, mobile, less body fat, gain muscle, be more agile, have better endurance – whatever is your goal! We will make sure that you reach it in best time.

You will work without the usual fitness mashines. Instead we build on functional training methods, such as dumbbells, long bars, kettlebells, club bells, cable, bodyweight, calisthenics, medicine balls, TRX, Bosu etc

Relaxation is part of recovery. Your training with me clears your mind and gives you some distance to your day to day life. I will motivate you and integrate positive thinking into our training sessions to improve your mental strength.

Fun, healthy nutrition and relaxation complete your program.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s go!!

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