About Me

HI! Welcome to my website Bio-Positive Personal Training Düsseldorf.

My name is Dorothee Appel. In the following lines I would like to introduce myself briefly.

The first time I came in touch with sports was at the age of three. I just had joined kindergarden when i was accepted to the mini prince guard a dancing group with public appearance on carnival. Yeay, actually that is quite cute.

As child and teenager I then tried every possible sport. Eventually my main focus always stayed at swimminig and wildwater canoeing that time. When I was 16 I fort he first time started working as a trainer in my swimming society.

I joined a sports club when I was 17. It was a real bodybuilding studio but fortunately with lots of free weights and people from who I learned a lot about weightlifting that time.

With 21 I went to a chiropractor because of permanent back pain. I had already been at several orthopedics who administered a couple of injections which hadn’t helped. Without knowing any of my orthopdic history nor even asking for it the chiropractor tried to manipulate my spine and doing that accidently broke two of my vertebras, the last cervical and first thoracic. As you can imagine i am not a big fan of manual spine manipulation. The prognosis for mobility and sports were not very reassuring back then. After approximately 5 month the vertrebas had healed. Despite of a deformed intervertebral disc which was a leftover oft that „accident“ a lot of training, mobility and patience today prevent me from back pain. I am even able to train weightlifting, kettlebell and calisthenics without any problems.

During my rehabilitation i engaged a lot into sports and mobility. When i started to study business administration i also started to work as a group fitness instructor in different studios.

After achieving my diploma in business administration i started working as a business consultant a tone oft he big 5 companies for a couple of years. I voluntarily left that line of business after beeing diagnosed with a light burn-out. At that point of time I was very stressed out. My mother stepfather and grandmother just had died one after the other within a short period and I felt demotivated and sheer unhappy.

To help release my inner tension I engaged in relaxation techniques. I attended to a lot of workshops and seminars regarding stress reduction possibilities and eventually became a coach myself.

I was always very passionate about sports. And maybe you know the feeling, everybody thinks his way of getting fit and healthy is the best and you get a hundred million different thoughts on how you should do stuff best.

To sort out what is REALLY best for me and to properly learn certain techniques i did a degree in personal training with the PT Academy Australia while i was still working as a consultant.

What can I say that was my starting point to fully re-engage in sports. Since that point of time i achieved ceveral licences in for instance RKC Kettlebell, Crossfit, Trainer for back exercises, nutrition consultant, special diets, (lactose, gluten, vegan, paleo), joint mobility, self myofscial release, kinesiotaping and so on. Since that point of time I am continuously meeting amazing people, as for example trainers and instructors under which i can study and I never stop.

Besides that, i think health has many components which have to play well together and need to be taken care of  to improve one’s quality of life. Most important parts are one’s social life, family, work, sports, relaxatin, nutrition and so much more.

So besides sports, nutrition and relaxation I am with great interest doing a degree in psychotherapy with which I am almost finished. I was able to achieve my degree as psychological consultant after VFP (Society for psychotherapie in Germany) already.

In my opinion the best trainers are those who understand what the „real goals“ of their clients are. I call that the „emotional component“. 80% of all clients don’t know anything about it. Besides all coaching qualifications trust needs to be developed. That is how positive results happen.

I am training my clients at FitnessFirst Königsallee in Düsseldorf, in their office or at home. I don’t have opening hours. I offer individually tailored bio-positive training at almost every place to almost every time. I am also providing videochat trainings and online consults as well as training & nutrition plans.

For consults or a free training session contact me here or via email: doro@bio-positive.com

Furthermore i am offering official RKC Entert the Kettlebell seminars for private persons, sports clubs or boxes. Please click here to know more about upcoming events.

My qualifications outline:

-       Licensed Personal Trainer PTA -Personal Training Academy Australia

-       Licensed RKC Kettlebell Trainer

Licensed Crossfit Trainer

-       Licensed Group-Fitness/Copmpany-fitness

-       Licensed Instructor for Cycling, Hot Iron, Longbarworkouts, Shaping, Backtraining and many more

-       Licensed Relaxation Coach specialized in 
 Autogeneous Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Stress Management

-       Diploma in Business Administration

-       Psychological Consultant by VFP (Society of Psychotherapy)

My training focus:

-       RKC Kettlebell

-       Crossfit

-       Athletic training

-       Weightlifting

-       Strongman

-       Calisthenics

-       Back specific training

As well as:

-       Functional Training

-       Core Training

-       Specific Sports Training

-       Shaping

-       Bodyweight Training

-       TRX

-       Bosu Balance Training

-       SMR and Mobility

-       Drop preventation prime-age

-       Kinesiotaping

I am offering training in German, English and Spanish!

Nutrition plays a very important role in healthy living as well as sports. They belong together like water and swimming.

Regardless of which diet you prefer -Vegan
• Paleo
• Food intolerances, Autoimmun Deseases, etc I provide advice. Together we develop a specifically for you tailored nutrition schedule.

For more information contact me here or write me an email to door@bio-positive.com.

Many people underestimate the importance of relaxation. We need to relax to recover from or day to day stress. Sports helps to lower the tension caused by stress, that doesn’t really mean that we get relaxed through it.

I am offering classes, seminars or workshops for private clients or companies in relaxation techniques. Those would be Autogeneous Training
• Progressive Muskel relaxation
• Stressmanagement

Please click here for more information.

Recommended Nutrition

Baue in den nächsten Wochen zwei Obstzeiten in deinen Tagesplan ein. Obst versorgt dich mit Vitaminen und Kohlenhydraten und ist zehnmal besser als jede Süßigkeit.

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